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Clinician & Guest Conductor


In clinic and festival settings, these characteristics distinguish Dr. Potter’s method:

  • Diverse repertoire selections carefully and intentionally chosen to craft a varied program and engage both singers’ intelligence and emotions

  • An emphasis on skill development from the first warmup exercise to the culminating performance, including vocal techniques and critical thinking approaches that transfer immediately to singers’ home choirs

  • Incorporation of systematic music literacy concepts that avoids “note banging” from the piano

  • A collaborative and cooperative posture that celebrates and supports other music educators and advocates for music as an integral component of every child’s education

  • Process-oriented rehearsals that enhance rather than sacrifice the final concert product

  • Fostering of a relentlessly positive spirit of openness, transparency, respect, and vulnerability in which all singers are safe to explore and express themselves through song

  • A balance between hard work and good fun so every singer not only leaves the experience musically edified, intellectually stimulated, and with a new set of skills but also having enjoyed the experience with a sense of accomplishment

Dr. Potter delights in working with singers of all ages. To discuss engaging him to work with your choir in school, church, and festival settings, contact him via email.

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