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Choral Tone Comparison: Rachmaninoff

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

(If you are a member of the public accessing this post, it is intended for my choral conducting class at Roberts Wesleyan College. Please forgive the "instructions"!)

Listen to these two examples of an excerpt from "Воскресение Христово видевше," Op. 37, No. 10, by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

A: St. Petersburg Chamber Choir/Korniev

B: Robert Shaw Festival Singers/Shaw

Although there are differences in interpretation, concentrate only on the choral tone in each recording. Answer the following questions in a comment:

  1. How would you describe the tone of A and of B?

  2. Which recording did you prefer?

  3. Why did you prefer it over the other?

After commenting yourself, come back and read your classmates' comments. Be ready to discuss in class.

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