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2018 Mississippi Lakeshore Choral Camp

Check out Mississippi Music Educators Association's Lakeshore Choral Camp, which has programs for middle school and high school choral students and choral music educators at every level each June!

Teachers' Workshop Schedule

Music Literacy in Action

"Developing the Literate Musician" Presentations
  1. Music Literacy: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

  2. Music Literacy: How?

  3. Music Literacy: Classroom & Rehearsal Application

"All Praise To Thee, My God, This Night" Tonal Patterns

Music Literacy Resources

(rhythmic and solfege activities, flash cards, etc.)

"Rehearsal Refresher": Musical Hierarchy & Rehearsal Techniques



Choral Methods Resources

(rehearsal methods, score study, etc.)


Choral Warm-Up Sequence

Choral Construction: Building Beautiful Voices in the Choral Setting

Consistent Rehearsal Behaviors

Count-Speaking vs. Count-Singing

Choosing High-Quality Repertoire

Teaching Patterns

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