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Tonal/Melodic Flash Cards

Numbers represent chapters in Krueger, C. J. (2010). Progressive sight singing (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

Click here for templates to make your own flash cards to correspond with the tonal patterns used in music you are teaching!

Sorted by Concept/Skill


Major Keys

Do to So, Diatonic

1a - F Major, treble clef

1b - G Major, bass clef

1c - B♭ Major, treble clef

1d - A Major, bass clef

Diatonic Steps & the Tonic Chord

2a - F Major, treble clef

2b - D Major, bass clef

2c - E Major, treble clef

2d - B♭ Major, bass clef

Tonic to Dominant Function

9a - F Major, treble clef

9b - D Major, treble clef

9c - G Major, treble clef

9d - C Major, bass clef

The Dominant Seventh Chord

9e - F Major, treble clef

9f - D Major, bass clef

9g - E♭ Major, treble clef

9h - C Major, bass clef

The Subdominant Chord (IV)

17a - F Major, treble clef

17b - D Major, bass clef

17c - A Major, treble clef

17d - B♭ Major, bass clef

Outlining Diatonic Chords

19a - The supertonic chord (ii)

19b - The mediant chord (iii)

19c - The submediant chord (vi)

19d - The leading tone chord (vii°)

Chromatic Pitches

20a - fi

20b/21c - te

20c/21d - di

20d/21e - ri

20e - me

20f - si

Minor Keys

Natural Minor, Diatonic

3a - e minor, treble clef

3b - c minor, bass clef

3c - f minor, treble clef

3d - d minor, bass clef

Mixed Minors (Natural/Harmonic/Melodic)

7a - e minor, treble clef

7b - c minor, bass clef

7c - f minor, treble clef

7d - d minor, bass clef

Tonic to Dominant Function

10a - e minor, treble clef

10b - d minor, bass clef

10c - f minor, treble clef

10d - c minor, bass clef

The Dominant Seventh Chord

10e - e minor, treble clef

10f - d minor, bass clef

10g - f minor, treble clef

10h - c minor, bass clef

The Subdominant Chord (iv)

18a - f minor, treble clef

18b - c minor, bass clef

18c - e minor, treble clef

Outlining Diatonic Chords

19e - The supertonic chord (ii°)

19f - The Mediant Chord (III)

19g - The Submediant Chord (VI)

19h - The Subtonic Chord (VII)

Chromatic Pitches

20g - ♯4

20h/21f - ♯3

Mixed Modes

21a/21b - ♯4

23a - Major to minor

23b - minor to Major

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